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Your Image is Your Bank

Do you need an image transformation? Then, you need Remy Toh, a Personal Image Advisor for over four decades. Remy's clients include the late John F. Kennedy, Jr., George Clooney, Brad Pitt, the Prince of Dubai, and so many more. No matter your station in life, Remy has learned that "Your Image Is Your Bank", so his personal passion is to change your life by transforming your image.

Custom Wardrobe Options: Bespoke to Made to Measure

When you want to purchase a suit, you have three options. The first is ready to wear or off the rack. The second is made to measure, and the third is bespoke–oftentimes called custom interchangeably.

A ready to wear suit is made in a factory from what the manufacturer has determined is standard sizing.

A made to measure suit will provide a better fit because it is made from a pattern, but it has many customizable elements and is sewn according to the client's measurements. This option is also referred to as a tailored suit.

Bespoke suits, on the other hand, are generally custom made to fit and sewn by hand to the client's exact specifications. The latter demands a premium, while made to measure delivers a better fit at a price closer to ready to wear.

In addition to his relationships with luxury retailers, Remy Toh uses his connections with manufacturers and textile factories in Italy to curate your custom wardrobe.


Luxury Retail Consultant

Training & Workshops

Remy Toh offers signature training events for luxury retailers–their clients and their sales teams–as well as workshops for groups interested in personal style.

Teaching The Art of Fashion

Luxury retail is defined by a rich history whose foundation is craftmanship. As the author of Legends of Style, The Complete Guide to Sartorial Style and the text book for every participant, Remy Toh skillfully shares the tradition, the care, and the presentation that he uses to serve as a Personal Fashion Advisor to the world's elite athletes, influential leaders, and corporate moguls.

Having worked for Valentino, Zegna, and Canali, among many others, Remy instructs sales teams on how to effectively represent global luxury brands with candor and elegance. They walk away with a greater understanding of how to develop their clientele, manage their time, and create a vision for their customers to forge lasting, profitable relationships.

Remy is on a mission to change the mindset of sales associates everywhere to increase the bottom line–theirs and the brands that employ them.


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What clients say

Remy Toh is revered–not just for how he carries himself–but for his expertise, his understanding of the fashion industry, and his unparalled, personalized service.

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