“The purpose is to teach the generation to come..."

– Remy Toh

Whether it’s by charitable giving, mentoring at-risk children, or volunteering in the community…


The philanthropic mindset of Remy Toh not only involves charitable giving, but participation in events at the community level.  Remy’s passion for giving back to others is the epitome of the ancient Greek view of philanthropy—that the “love of what it is to be human” is the essential nature and purpose of humanity, culture and civilization. Remy graciously donates his time and talent; whether it be through charitable giving, mentoring at-risk youth, or participating in community service endeavors.


Our Relationship With the Alief Community

The House of Remy Toh has a special relationship with the E.L. Kingsley Foundation, serving underprivileged youth in the Alief community of Houston. Through his character and commitment, Remy provides inspiration to the younger generation.

The mission of The E. L. Kingsley Foundation is to provide services to economically disadvantaged and under-represented groups of people.  The goal of the Foundation is to open avenues for academic and skill-based advancement, mentoring for career opportunities and to develop a meaningful belief system designed to empower individuals to achieve excellence.  Remy is proud to be part an organization that has exceptional competence in changing the lives and the socio-economic status of people in need. The E. L. Kingsley Foundation achieves results through dedicated services and people focused policy and commitment.

Staying Involved

Aside from other business in fashion, The House of Remy Toh organizes events throughout Houston’s communities. You can stay updated on our events page.