Elevating Men
to Gentlemen...

With the Power of Personal Image Consultance

Everyone can dress..but when it comes to style, it is an art! A true sartorial fashion stylist has the essence to create timeless personal images. That is what we do. 

What is a Personal Image Consultant?

Remy coined the phrase “Your Image is Your Bank” because he realizes that fashion is an art form that can truly transform a man’s station in life. He provides wardrobe styling services for special events, for business, and for life. Remy Toh’s Image Transformation includes a wardrobe assessment, body type analysis, closet cleanup, personal shopping, and tailoring for perfection.

The Process


Remy meets with you “one on one’ so he can truly understand your lifestyle and personal needs. Discussion points include business attire, social activities and travel. Remy learns about you as a person to make his assessment and recommendations.

Step 1


Remy provides a “closet consultation” at your home. Remy will review your current wardrobe to determine what items can still be utilized; he will ask you to “try on” several items to determine proper fit and if alterations are necessary. This transformative process allows Remy to make recommendations on where to augment your wardrobe – and bring you to your personal best.

Step 3


Remy and his team will obtain items for you; in many cases Remy will shop with you and show you “what to look for” based on your body type. For custom items, Remy will bring a tailor to your home or alternate location and work with you to select styles and fabric. Remy works with you the entire way to ensure the proper fit, translating his level of excellence into your wardrobe.


“I am excited about the new style opportunities that await us all from the creative mind of stylist, Remy Toh. His tenure in the fashion world coupled with his ability to embrace change keeps him knowledgeably respected and relevant.”
V. Michael McKay
Grammy Nominated Artist, Singer, Speaker and Songwriter
“Knowing my friend Remy the sartorialist, Fashion Stylist and author, I was so proud and honored to be the first to buy the book. Knowing his work ethic, I have no doubt that everything he does - is done very well...”
George Benson
Legendary Guitarist, Singer and Songwriter
“There are individuals in this life that possess the capacity to passionately motivate, inspire, and encourage change for the good. These personas are akin to an iconic musician that renders magical sounds on a grand piano that cause us to dream beyond the here and now and envision what could be when the passion comes from within. Remy Toh..."
Destry Dokes, PhD
Executive Coach, Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur
““I absolutely am there to support my friend Remy knowing his ability to create funtastic, elegant events; most recently Remy’s book signing at Saks Fifth Avenue.”

Derrick Rutledge
Celebrity Makeup Artist - most notably Oprah Winfrey, Beauty Expert & Influencer