"The purpose is to teach the generation to come..."

It’s okay to be trendy. However, creating your own style and making better decisions about the image you project will transcend time. 

Teaching the Art of Fashion

Luxury retail is defined by a rich history whose foundation is craftsmanship. As the author of Legends of Style, The Complete Guide to Sartorial Style and the text book for every participant, Remy Toh skillfully shares the tradition, the care and the presentation that he uses to service as a Personal Fashion Advisor to the world’s elite athletes, influential leaders and corporate moguls.

Having worked for Valentino, Zegna, and Canali, among many others, Remy instructs sales teams on how to effectively represent global luxury brands with candor and elegance. They walk away with a greater understanding of how to develop their clientele, manage their time, and create a vision for their customers to forge lasting, profitable relationships.Remy is on a mission to change the mindset of sales associates everywhere to increase the bottom line-theirs and the brands that employ them

Passion to Leverage Fashion

Remy has worked for the biggest and most prolific fashion houses serving high profile clients from every industry. Always a top performer with as much as 45% of total sales, he has learned how to consistently deliver six-figure sales volume. 

Mentoring Sales Team

As a Luxury Retail Consultant, Remy Toh teaches sales teams how to leverage sartorial style to service clients of all income levels and career phases.