An Evening With Remy Toh

A Night of Signature Style

Remy Toh is an international celebrity fashion stylist, bespoke fashion consultant, designer, and author of Legends of Style, The Complete Guide to Sartorial Style. A legend in his own right, in “Legends of Style” Remy has compiled nearly four decades of wisdom gained from his experience in Paris and New York fashion and dressing men in every sphere of influence–politics, business, film, art, music, and sports. “Legends of Style” is a must-have for every man of every age and everyone who makes their living in men’s fashion. 

About Legends of Style | 20 Years in the Making

“The purpose is to teach the generation to come. It’s okay to be trendy, but you should know how to create your own style. I have designed this book with a man in mind. A man who wants to make better decisions about the image he projects down to the smallest details of his cuff links. It is designed for a man to use to create an image, a moment–that if executed perfectly, will transcend time.” – Remy Toh

"Legends of Style" is a must-have for every man in every sphere of influence. He spent 20 years putting it together, and in its 250, full-color pages it cover style through the ages, body types, grooming, and so much more.


an evening with remy toh


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