About Remy Toh

Born on the Ivory Coast of Africa, Remy caught the fashion bug from his father’s impeccable sense of style. As a six year old, he saw John F. Kennedy and was transfixed by him. He wondered who was dressing him, and the dream of styling presidents and men of stature was birthed in his young heart.

The perfect starting place was his own neighborhood. At the age of eleven, he began dressing his friends. After his father’s death, just five years later, he decided to move to Paris where he absorbed everything he could from the great British, French, and Italian designers of the time.

After six years, he moved to New York where he added model and actor to his repertoire. For nearly four decades, Remy Toh has given himself completely to educating men about classic, timeless style, and his crowning achievement is the completion of Legends of Style, The Complete Guide to Sartorial Style.

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All About Men's Fashion

Custom Wardrobe Options

Bespoke & Made to Measure

There are three options in men's fashion: ready to wear, made to measure, and bespoke. Ready to wear is made in a factory from standard sizing. Made to measure is made from a pattern and is sewn according to the client's measurements. Bespoke suits are generally custom made and sewn by hand to the client's exact specifications. Remy Toh uses his relationships with the manufacturers and textile factories of Italy to curate your custom wardrobe.

For Men of Stature

Personal Image Advisor

Remy coined the phrase, Your Image is Your Bank because he realizes that fashion is an art form that can truly transform a man's station in life. He provides wardrobe styling services for special events, for business, and for life. Remy Toh's Image Transformation includes a wardrobe assessment, body type analysis, closet cleanup, personal shopping, and tailoring for the perfect fit.

Training Teams

Luxury Retail Consultant

Remy has worked for the biggest and most prolific fashion houses serving high profile clients from every industry. Always a top performer with as much as 45% of total sales, he has learned how to consistently deliver six-figure sales volume. As a Luxury Retail Consultant, Remy Toh teaches sales teams how to leverage sartorial style to serve clients of all income levels and career phases.


Image Transformations

Remy Toh has had the honor and pleasure of dressing men in every sphere of influence–business, politics, art, music, film, and sports. The list is long, so we have displayed some who were featured in Legends of Style.


UMEN Magazine 2009-2015

Remy Toh served as the fashion expert for Jordan’s UMEN Magazine answering readers’ fashion queries. His advice is still a veritable library of proven principles you can apply now. Click here to view them all.